International women’s day

International Women’s Day is annually held on March 8 to celebrate women’s achievements throughout history and across nations. It is also known as the United Nations (UN) Day for Women’s Rights and International Peace.

take time to celebrate the women’s in your life.

In 1907 the women held a “Hunger March” in New York in protest at the dangerous working conditions and very long working periods, and calling for a ten-hour working day and improved wages. The police attacked the march, and the following year on 8 March 1908 a commemorative march was held, which became a milestone in women’s history.

This date is what we now celebrate as Women’s Day, and by 1911 it had gone global. International Women’s Day has evolved to become an important time for women around the world to commemorate their struggles and celebrate their achievements.

Can try this Gratitude building Affirmations:

-I am blessed to have the body i have.

-I feel grateful to be loved.

-I am thankful for the family.

-I am grateful for how the sun warms my face.

– I am grateful for my sence of taste.

-I give thanks for every breath i take.

-I feel blessed when i feel grass and sand between my toes.

-I feel greatful for my dreams.

-I feel blessed when i see the stars.

Happy international women’s day.


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